The Flute Speakeasy Intensive
Amanda Harberg
Valerie Coleman
Nicole Chamberlain

Mission Statement
In the spirit of Katherine Hoover's legacy, the Flute Speakeasy seeks to encourage creativity at all levels, and to demystify the creative process.

Welcome to The Flute Speakeasy Workshop at the 2019 NFA Convention in Salt Lake City!

August 1, 2019 at 1:30pm
National Flute Association Convention
Ballroom J
Salt Lake City, Utah

Performer-creators Valerie Coleman, Amanda Harberg and Nicole Chamberlain will perform selections of their music and will discuss their creative processes. Selected participants will then be invited to perform and discuss their music. The Flute Speakeasy Workshop is a preview of the upcoming one-week long Intensive to take place in the following Summer of 2020.

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